Since 2009 Lee Alex has presented his lecture "Time for a Change?" in more than 75 towns and cities, over 26 countries worldwide. Magicians who perform in all branches of the art  have enthused at the lecture on the subject of quick change costumes for magicians. 
Detailed explanations of the construction of the costumes - Explanations for dressing the individual costumes - Methods for performing the costume changes quickly and efficiently.

 * And so to bed - pajamas, bathrobe and slippers change to a full tuxedo.  *One piece suit - a full tuxedo changes to a casual suit of contrasting color.
 *Two piece suit - a casual suit changes almost visually into the magician wearing cargo shorts and a short sleeved Hawaiian shirt. 
* Surf the Wave - the magician is wearing a short-sleeved shirt and cargo shorts. In a flash the magician changes into a white long-sleeved shirt and long black trousers plus the "Color Change Waistcoat". 
* The long and the short of it - the basic principle of changing from a short costume (with skin revealed) to a long costume is explained. 


The interactive lecture is available for magic clubs and meetings worldwide . Lee also presents a full 8 hour workshop on the subject for small groups, or individual consultancy for quick change projects.


Please contact for further information and available dates.