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Lee Alex is known worldwide in the magic fraternity for his work and study in the branch of “quick change” - the art of transforming male and female costumes in a flash. 

His celebrated “Colour Change Waistcoat/Vest” has been performed internationally by magicians, dancers,                                jugglers, MCs, singers and at least one snooker                    player!


Lee has lectured and presented workshops on this subject since  2009 to magicians throughout Europe, North and Central America, Asia and Australia. His confidential client list includes the top stage and television magicians in the world today, as well as theatres and theme park productions.


The lecture “Time for a Change?” is available to recognized magic clubs and  societies worldwide. The lecture has taken Lee to the prestigious Magic Castle in Hollywood, the famed Magic Circle in London, the World Magic Seminar in Las Vegas and over 25 other countries in a multitude of cities and towns, always with great reviews from magical peers.



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