Edible Balloon & P.G Balloon v.2

"When I came up with PGBalloon, the device for the appearance of an inflated balloon from the mouth, firstly it was necessary to eat the inflated balloon. Initially, I thought it would be easy to do. I tried a lot of ways, but I did not like any of them because none worked with 100% stability. So, I invented this gimmick." 
- Viktor Voitko 

Special gimmick for "eating" inflated balloons AND Pumping Gimmick for a Balloon

Classic old effect - NEW gimmick. 

This edible balloon gimmick allows you to swallow a balloon without putting in any effort. 

"Eating the balloon" is almost automatic. 

You do not have to worry about the "swallowing" speed. It is always the same. 

You can pre-inflate and prepare a few balloons in advance and "eat" them during the show. 




Imagine that a magician, after completely swallowing a balloon, reaches into his mouth and slowly starts to pull out a blown-up balloon! 

If you don't perform the swallowing balloon - no problem - be different by reversing the sequence and producing a blown-up balloon from your mouth (it's a lot easier to learn, too!).

Examples of other effects: 

The magician is chewing gum and blowing bubbles, and then the magician turns the chewing gum into a blown-up ball, which he pulls out of his mouth. Then he swallows the ball and turns it back into chewing gum. 

You can get an inflated balloon from anywhere. 

You can hide an inflated balloon in your hand or purse, and then pull it out, inflated and intact. 

Air from a balloon can pass through your head through your ears to another balloon. 

Edible Balloon & P.G Balloon v.2

  • Edible Balloon:

    • The gimmick is reusable
    • One balloon requires one gimmick
    • It works automatically
    • Swallowing speed is always the same
    • Easy to use
    • Do not need to bite the balloon
    • Do not need to chew the balloon
    • Can be viewed from all around you

    P.G. Balloon v.2

    • Your hands are free during the performance. 
    • You need to wear a coat or a shirt (you need clothes with sleeves to use gimmick). 
    • You can turn the blowing off or on at any moment, unnoticed by the audience. 
    • The device is compact and lightweight. 
    • The device makes a very quiet sound. 
    • This gimmick does not inflate ANY ROUND balloons. 
    •  Runs on electricity. 
    • The weight of this prop is about 450 gr. 
    • 1 sample of the prepared balloon
    • 9 special gimmicks for normal balloon
    • 10 rubber rings
    •  1 P.G. Balloon gimmick 
    • 1 charger 
    • 1 magnet holder 
    •  1 balloon 
    •  Instructions for its use and service of the device batteries