Professional Floating Ball by Luis de Matos

The Professional Floating Ball is designed to resemble a disco mirror ball. The subconscious idea is the ball must be heavy if it has to be held above a dance floor by chains and rods. This makes it the perfect element for The Floating Ball. 

The Professional Floating Ball has a 12 inch diameter and weighs approximately 200 grams. It's coated with silver mirror paper tiles and has a light polystyrene core. The ball is handcrafted and comes complete with the special carry case and all the gimmicks and thread you need to rig and perform the Luis de Matos' version of this amazing classic illusion. 

Only a very limited number of balls have been produced. The fabrication process is very slow and it's very unlikely they'll be available again soon. 


We highly recommend the Rehearsal Ball by Luis de Matos for practice, rigging and experimentation purposes.

Professional Floating Ball by Luis de Matos

    • Handcrafted Professional Floating Ball
    • Custom Poly Transit Case
    • 150 meters of Invisible Thread
    • Special Accessories for Luis de Matos' Rig
    • Detailed Instructional DVD (The Floating Ball)