The vest changes quicker than the Rubik's Cube can be solved! 


We listened to you! This vest will be available in 4 size - S, M, L and XL.*


The magician wears a black vest (waistcoat) during the performance. At any time the vest changes to a design resembling a completely MIXED puzzle cube.

Whenever the performer wishes, the design on the vest changes, and becomes a completely SOLVED cube design.  

Fabric designs with colors to match your  "Rubik's" cubes perfectly.

Initial BLACK design resembles a cube without stickers.

Nothing is ever added or taken away. Everything is self-contained and the vest is always ready for performance. Can be executed with a single hand, allowing the other hand to hold any other object, or misdirect from the simple operation of the quick change.


* Each vest is made to order in your size. Please allow 4 - 6 weeks for production.


Qubik's Quick Change Vest by Lee Alex

  • International Size US/UK Size European Size
    S    34 - 36        44 - 46
    M    38 - 40       48 - 50
    L    42 - 44       52 - 54
    XL    46 - 48       56 - 58

    This vest is made to order in 4 sizes. Please indicate the correct size at time of order.

Qubik's Quick Change Vest by Lee Alex

Qubik's Quick Change Vest by Lee Alex


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