Direct from the internationally award winning act of Viktor Voitko!


With this Dancing Glowing Rose Vikor Voitko has won several awards in international competitions all around the world including Silver prize at the Magic Hands in 1993.
You can produce this Dancing Rose from a Vanishing Cane and it will appear luminous and with small lights on the top and on leaves of the stalk and you are immeadiately ready to perform the Dancing Rose routine.
Rose can be separated into two parts for travel.
On the DVD Viktor Voitko explains how to prepare the rose for work, how to produce the rose from a cane, how easy it is to take the invisible thread afterwards, how to find a correct way of balancing the rose.
Vitor shows a host of new interesting moves with Dancing Rose. Viktor Voitko was the first one to invent and to use this, mak,ng it different from so many regular dancing cane acts.
During the act the leaves of the rose and tops of the rose  glow all the time.Rose has a fairy-tale appearance.
5 differences of the new Rose v.2 from the old one:
- The new system of the rosebud.
- The new balancing system of the rose.
- Leaves of rose are made from  new material.
- The Stalk of the rose is made from new material.
-  New system of the connection of two parts of the rose.

The Dancing Glowing Rose v.2 by Viktor Voitko

  • Item contains:

    Specially made Dancing Rose

    Invisible Thread for Stage

    Download video instructions

    (Other apparatus seen in the video is not available)