An excellent opening effect for various magic routines!


The latest addition to the series of Victor Voitko's unique Production Tables.

Production Table v.3 combines the capacity of V. 1 and V. 2 into ONE table.

Various objects appear on an absolutely empty table in a split second. This is what real magic should look like!

You can make four objects appear on different parts of the table and you can make three items and the vase for Sands of The Desert trick appear in one place. You get more opportunities with this table!

The Production Table Set V3 VASE set includes

  • Production table
  • Fake bottle
  • Wine glass
  • Candle in candlestick
  • Vase with an artificial rose
  • Three special glasses (height of the glass is about 17cm)
  • The vase is specially made of shatterproof plastic material. The vase is 26cm in diameter and 10cm in height.
  • Two shawls
  • Download video instructions
  • Protective bag for shipping


The table is made of polished aluminum with brass connectors.

The table's legs are untwisted to 5 parts and have brass connectors.

No electronics!

The Production Table (V3) by Victor Voitko

    • Height of the table is 90cm - 34.5 inches
    • The size of the table top is 52cm x 42cm - 20.4 inches x 16.5 inches

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