Perfect for use with "S.C.A.R.E.C.R.O.W" (Card on Waistcoat" by Lee Alex)


This Ultimate Remote Control Card Fountain is designed with pride for  true professionals.
This is without a doubt the finest crafted prop you will ever own for this purpose.


NEW MODEL Ultimate Remote Control Card Fountain with USB charge. New charger, new batteries, new electronic parts.

Now we can load more than 200 cards!

Three  remote control programs.


Please choose from Regular size or Jumbo size (also suitable for shooting manipulation CDs)

Jumbo Fountain made to order!


Original effect, possible only with our Ultimate Remote Control Card Fountain (Special for cards manipulations )
You produce two or three cards and throw them into a hat/box. After a second these cards fly out from the receptacle.
Produce two or three cards again and throw them into a hat/box. Again after a second  the cards fly out from the receptacle.
For the last time you produce a lot of cards and throw them into the hat or the box too. After a second all the cards fly out from the receptacle (as per classic card fountain).


Example of standart effects :
A card is freely selected and signed by the spectator. You throw the cards into a hat or box and then, on your command, the cards fly into the air. Reach out and grab one card which turns out to be the spectator’s signed card!

This effect can also be performed with the help of the Card Sword. Possibilities are endless.
This unit can be put in box or hat or it can be housed in your table or illusion or whatever you have.
Use in a dramatic card stab, a visible production and revelation of a card from a torrent of shooting cards. The impact is tremendous.

Ultimate Remote Control Card Fountain with USB charge (Regular and Jumbo)

  • *Hand-crafted. The case is made of a strong composit material (aluminium + plastic)
    * Weight is 0.88 lb (400 gram).
    * The new Regular Model size is Length - 4.2 in. ( 107 mm ), width - 2.99 in. ( 76 mm ) and height - 3.63 in. ( 92 mm )

    * Jumbo size model: Length: 3.3 inches (84 mm), width - 4.96 inches (126 mm) and height 3.63 inches (92 mm)
    * Porgrammable card fountain.
    * Microprocessor Controlled
    * Program indicator
    * Has five programs:

    1)  The fountain of cards occurs immediately after pressing the button or remote control.
    2) Time delays are adjustable up to 3 seconds (before the cards start their machine gun propulsion).
    3) The fountaint of cards occurs after 6 seconds after pressing the button or remote control.
    4) Time delays are adjustable up to 9 seconds
    5) Special program for manipulations with cards - shoots a few cards once, twice, and then starts the fountain of cards.
    * Start indicator. You will be assured that the card fountain has started to work.
    *Double start function - Remote Control and Cable with Button.
    *Remote Control range up to 100 ft (30 metrs).
    *Buttons on the device and on the remote control are made so that it is practically impossible to press casually.

    That is very convenient in use.
    *The Ultimate Remote Control Card Fountain can shoot three-four full deck of cards in the air up between 6 and 8 feet high depending on the charge of the battery and the condition of the cards.
    * Uses rechargeable batteries (charge from an electric network 220V )
    * Charge it with USB charger. You can use any good quality charger for Iphone.
    * Fully charged battery good for 30-40 times (depending on program used)
    * No need to replace batteries.
    * Batteries are rated on 1000 full cycles of a charge
    *Three step indicator charge:.

    Green - fully charged
    Yellow -half charged

    Red - Empty battery
    * Created and manufactured using workmanship and parts of best quality on the market today.


    When not in use, once a month fully discharge the device and charge it again. If  you do not maintain the battery, the device will break.

  • This item is delivered direct from the manufacturer.