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The Chameleon/Gag Bag brought up to date!


Made with custom printed fabrics in colors that will match your Rubik's puzzle cube.


The perfect match for the NEW "Qubik's" Color Change Vest!



The outside of the bag shows a mixed puzzle cube design (front and back different combinations).

The bag is turned inside out to reveal a "solved" red cube.

The bag is once again turned inside out, this time showing a "solved" yellow cube.


This is repeated again and again. Each time a different colored solved puzzle cube can be shown.

SEVEN DESIGNS - 6 CHANGES (red, yellow, white, blue, orange, green and MIXED).


Bag measures approx 10 inches (25 cm) square - visual on the largest of stages.

Big enough to accomodate a "Rubik's" puzzle cube, or more.


"Qubik's" Quick Change Bag can be used as a:

  • Flat Change Bag
  • Force Bag
  • Running gag throughout your show
  • Prediction Reveal
  • Accessory for any "Rubik's" Cube magic routine
  • Accompaniment to the "Qubik's" Color Change Vest


Quality, digitally printed fabrics. Hand-finished.

* Puzzle cube NOT SUPPLIED *

WHOLESALE - Qubik's Quick Change Bag by Lee Alex

Quantity (sold in lots of 5)
    • Hand finished quality bag
    • No puzzle cube supplied
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Qubik's Quick Change Vest by Lee Alex


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