"WOW!" has entered cube magic!

The WOW system combined with  a cube to enter a new horizon. The wonder and visual impact make cube magic even more mysterious!

Mr. Masuda of ATTO and collaborator, Syouma, devised the name, "WOW CUBE".



Remove the Rubik's Cube from the box and hand it to a spectator to twist as much as they'd like to mix up the colors. Put the unsolved Rubik's Cube back into the box.

One side of the box is transparent -- you can see the jumbled cube inside. When the performer shakes the box slowly the cube's colors CHANGE in front of your eyes - all the colors on one side become the same! When the cube is cleanly removed from the box, the other faces are completely solved as well!

It's really strange and magical!

WOW CUBE by Tejinaya Magic

    • WOW CUBE system
    • Exclusive box
    •  Cube
    •  Gimmick set
    • Online video explanation

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